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Photograph of African Saints standing in front of the Mormon temple in Aba, Nigeria



Establishing a House of God in Cedar City, Utah

At the Cedar City Temple, steel and concrete continue to rise, creating a sturdy House of God. Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God (D&C 88:119).

Saturday, February 6, 2016

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A View of the Rome Italy Temple Site
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Construction continues on the Rome Italy Temple, which began over five years ago. The framework for the two spires was attached in November and has been surrounded by scaffolding. The stake center and visitors' center can be seen on either side of the temple.

Hartford Connecticut Temple Exterior
Monday, February 1, 2016
Some of the scaffolding is coming down around the Hartford Connecticut Temple, revealing the beautiful granite cladding that has been attached to the exterior. The temple is the second to be built in the New England area of the United States, joining the Boston Massachusetts Temple.

Jordan River Utah Temple Preparing to Close for Renovation in Two Weeks
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Construction trailers from Westland Construction are already arriving at the Jordan River Utah Temple, which is scheduled to close for an extensive renovation of the interior in two weeks. The temple was dedicated 35 years ago in 1981. During the renovation, the temple will be upgraded, reinforced, and beautified—following the conventions of newly constructed temples including the addition of a separate entrance for the baptistry.

Main Floor Framing for Tucson Temple
Saturday, January 30, 2016
Structural framing is advancing rapidly at the Tucson Arizona Temple where much of the main floor is now well defined with beams and layers of steel. The temple will stand in the beautiful Catalina Foothills of Tucson.

Provo City Center Temple Virtual Tour
Thursday, January 28, 2016
If you can't visit the Provo City Center Temple in person, take this virtual tour featuring floor plan diagrams, comparisons to the tabernacle, and numerous closeups.

Sapporo Japan Temple Entrance Now Visible
Thursday, January 28, 2016
The main entrance to the Sapporo Japan Temple has been shielded from view for months behind white construction sheeting, which has recently been removed. The beautiful new temple will hold an open house and dedication this summer.

Take a Flight Over Tucson
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
A new drone video of the Tucson Arizona Temple has been posted, giving a view of the surrounding area.

Water Added to the Meridian Idaho Temple Ponds
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
New aerial photographs of the Meridian Idaho Temple show the progress on the temple, stake center, and grounds including the ponds on the west side of the temple, which have been slightly filled with water. Rock-faced retaining walls are going up around the ponds as well.

Fort Collins Temple Art Glass
Monday, January 25, 2016
The temporary windows at the Fort Collins Colorado Temple are being replaced with beautiful stained glass, starting with the Celestial Room windows.

Structural Framing Begins in Tucson
Sunday, January 24, 2016
With the foundation nearly complete for the Tucson Arizona Temple, steel beams are now stretching across the concrete walls to form the main level floor.

Additional Framing Added to Star Valley Wyoming Temple Steeple
Saturday, January 23, 2016
Around the base of the spire of the Star Valley Wyoming Temple, additional steel framing has been added to create the desired shape. The rest of the spire and the entrance canopy are covered in a protective plastic sheeting.

Overhead View of the Concepción Chile Temple
Friday, January 22, 2016
The latest photographs of the Concepción Chile Temple provide a superb overhead view of the construction activity. Work continues on the foundation with forms and rebar rising around the perimeter of the temple pad. The housing facility to the north is also rising at this beautiful riverside location.

Freiberg Germany Temple to be Rededicated
Thursday, January 21, 2016
The Freiberg Germany Temple has been expanded and renovated. It opens for free public tours from Friday, August 12, through Saturday, August 27, 2016. The temple will be rededicated on Sunday, September 4, with services broadcast to all of Germany and the units in the temple district.

Opening Dates Announced for the Sapporo Japan Temple
Thursday, January 21, 2016
The First Presidency has announced that the open house for the Sapporo Japan Temple will begin on Friday, July 8 and continue through Saturday, July 23, 2016. The temple will be dedicated in three sessions on Sunday, August 21, preceded by a cultural celebration the evening before.

Open House Announced for the Philadelphia Temple
Thursday, January 21, 2016
The public open house for the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple will begin on Friday, August 5, and conclude on Saturday, September 3, 2016. The weekend of the cultural celebration and dedication will coincide with the 229th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution.

Public Invited to Tour Renovated Suva Fiji Temple
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
The beautifully renovated Suva Fiji Temple opens to the public for free tours from Monday, January 25, through Saturday, February 6, 2016. [ Virtual Tour ]

Exterior Cladding Nearing Completion for Paris Temple
Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Cladding installers have nearly finished the exterior of the beautiful Paris France Temple. The front of the temple (shown here) is the final side to be completed. On the east side of the temple is a visitors' center, which will also provide access to the landscaped gardens and water features.

Sapporo Japan Temple Committee Assembled
Monday, January 18, 2016
As the Sapporo Japan Temple moves into the final months of construction, a local committee has been organized to begin preparations for the temple opening events, including the open house and dedication. No dates have yet been announced.

Four Weeks to Kinshasa Temple Groundbreaking
Saturday, January 16, 2016
The formal commencement of construction on the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo will be celebrated in four weeks. The picturesque temple site stands a short distance from the mighty Congo River.

Concrete Walls Being Poured at Cedar City Utah Temple
Thursday, January 14, 2016
Along with the assembly of steel beams, workers at the Cedar City Utah Temple are pouring sections of concrete wall along the main level. Construction of the temple began just five months ago, following a formal groundbreaking ceremony held in early August 2015.

Rebar in Place for Concepción Temple Foundation
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Work progresses steadily on the steel-reinforced foundation for the Concepción temple and its adjoining structures.

Provo City Center Temple Open House Begins Friday
Monday, January 11, 2016
Public tours of the newly completed Provo City Center Temple begin on Friday. Details of the open house, including interior photographs, are now available. [ Video ]

Philadelphia Temple Steeple Lighting
Sunday, January 10, 2016
Philadelphia's city lights are seeing a new addition with the construction of the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple. Lighting tests have started on the west steeple as scaffolding is removed from the east steeple—recently capped by Moroni.

"No jot, iota, or tittle of the temple rites is otherwise than uplifting and sanctifying. In every detail the endowment ceremony contributes to covenants of morality of life, consecration of person to high ideals, devotion to truth, patriotism to nation, and allegiance to God."
—James E. Talmage

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