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Photograph of African Saints standing in front of the Mormon temple in Aba, Nigeria



Christus and Apostle Statues Arrive at Rome Italy Temple

The Rome Italy Temple visitors' center has received the marble reproductions of Bertel Thorvaldsen's Christus with all twelve apostles. The marble came from the very same quarry used for the originals.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Cladding the Concepción Chile Temple
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Scaffolding stretches across the north wall of the Concepción Chile Temple as laborers attach pieces of precast stone to the exterior. The impressive structure looms over a city thoroughfare, drawing the attention of passing motorists. Foamboard is going up on the housing facility.

Exterior Walls Appearing for Durban South Africa Temple
Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Concrete forms have been repositioned at the Durban South Africa Temple, revealing the building's first exterior walls. Cutouts are visible along the side wall of the temple, which will feature tall arched window openings. Inside the building, the baptismal support structure has been poured.

Framing Up the Steeple Base in Kinshasa
Monday, March 27, 2017
Concrete blocks have been set in place for the base of the steeple that will top the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple. Landscaping structures are also being added.

Angel Moroni Lands Atop Rome Italy Temple
Saturday, March 25, 2017
The Rome Italy Temple (videos) reached a much-anticipated milestone today with the placement of the gold-leafed angel Moroni statue atop the tallest spire. This event marks a significant development toward completion.

Insulating the Walls in Barranquilla
Thursday, March 23, 2017
At the Barranquilla Colombia Temple, the exterior walls are being sheathed with a rigid foam insulation on top of the waterproofing membrane.

Structural Framing Started for Fortaleza Brazil Temple Tower
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
The Fortaleza Brazil Temple is bringing holiness and light to the country's fifth largest city where forms and rebar are being set for the exterior walls of the domed tower. To the north of the temple, work is proceeding on the roof for the patron housing, which will provide accommodations for long-distance travelers. Ground was recently broken in Brazil's second largest city for the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple.

Tucson Arizona Temple Exterior Lighting
Monday, March 20, 2017
Fine tuning of the exterior lighting system for the Tucson Arizona Temple is in progress as the June open house draws near (free tickets available May 15). Interior light fixtures beautifully illuminate the stained-glass windows.

Meridian Temple Monument Sign
Sunday, March 19, 2017
The beautiful stone-faced monument sign for the Meridian Idaho Temple is now in place on the temple grounds. The public open house for the temple begins in five months.

Construction Update on the Concepción Chile Temple
Saturday, March 18, 2017
As exterior cladding continues on the north side of the Concepción Chile Temple, attachment of the waterproofing membrane has wrapped around the east (or front) side of the temple. On the west side of the building, early landscaping has begun with the planting of palm trees. And near the driveway entrance, concrete has been poured for the monument sign holder.

Structural Column Set at Frankfurt Germany Temple
Friday, March 17, 2017
The cylindrical rebar that sat in a staging area of the Frankfurt Germany Temple construction site has now gone to use to create a concrete structural column in the basement addition. A pile driver stands ready for more work.

Above-Ground Work Begins for Durban South Africa Temple
Thursday, March 16, 2017
With the ground-level floor slab in place for the Durban South Africa Temple, concrete forms and rebar have made their above-ground debut as workers prepare to pour the exterior walls for the building. Scaffolding is going up around the missionary housing foundation as a floor slab pour draws near.

Water Features Operating at the Paris France Temple
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Illuminated streams of water dance off the liquid surface of the north water feature located in the beautiful garden plaza of the Paris France Temple. A reproduction of the Christus statue has also been placed in the plaza for visitors to see during their public open house tours.

Cupola Framework Added Atop Barranquilla Colombia Temple
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
New steel framework has appeared at the Barranquilla Colombia Temple for the handsome cupola that will stand atop the Spanish Colonial-style tower. The temple shares a basic floor plan with the Durban South Africa Temple, located over 7,500 miles away on the African continent.

Elder Neil L. Andersen Visits Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Monday, March 13, 2017
Members in Port-au-Prince were delighted to welcome Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve this weekend, who presided at a stake conference. He stated that property had been acquired by the Church for the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple behind the chapel on Route de Freres.

Meetinghouse Framing Progresses in Lisbon, Portugal
Sunday, March 12, 2017
Walls of steel and concrete continue to rise for the meetinghouse located next to the Lisbon Portugal Temple, as three tower cranes do the heavy lifting of materials on site. Excavation is completed for the temple proper where footings for the foundation will soon be laid.

Concrete Poured at the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple
Friday, March 10, 2017
Recently poured concrete has formed the window openings and sealed the tops of the concrete block walls for the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple.

A View of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple from Across the Way
Wednesday, March 8, 2017
The rising Fortaleza Brazil Temple and patron housing facility can be seen from an elevated vantage point across the street, providing a wonderful view of the developing site. More concrete has been poured on the east and west sides of the temple, which will soon have an emerging tower.

Scaffolding Removed from Barranquilla Colombia Temple Tower
Tuesday, March 7, 2017
At the Barranquilla Colombia Temple, a black waterproofing membrane has been applied to nearly the entire building while scaffolding that once surrounded the tower has been removed. In the coming weeks, panels will be attached to the exterior.

Entrance Doors Installed in Tucson
Monday, March 6, 2017
Beautiful entrance doors and a Holiness to the Lord plaque have been installed at the Tucson Arizona Temple. Open house tickets become available beginning May 15, 2017.

Groundbreaking Held for the Arequipa Peru Temple
Saturday, March 4, 2017
Ecclesiastical and civic leaders gathered today for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Arequipa Peru Temple. Elder Carlos A. Godoy, who presided at the service, encouraged those in attendance to draw themselves even closer to God by making a Christlike change of heart.

Ground Broken in Rio de Janeiro
Saturday, March 4, 2017
Thousands of members across Brazil and the world participated in the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple groundbreaking today. Watch the live streamed video.

Preparing for the Rio de Janeiro Temple Groundbreaking
Friday, March 3, 2017
The site of the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple has been filled with chairs, bleachers, awnings, flooring, audio-visual equipment, and more, as members prepare for the joyous occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony, which will be streamed live on Facebook starting tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

Idaho Falls Temple Wrapping Up
Thursday, March 2, 2017
In just seven weeks, the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple will open to the public for tours of the interior. Contractors continue to work toward completion of the renovation work.

Heavy Rains at the Durban South Africa Temple Site
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Recent rain storms at the Durban South Africa Temple site flooded the basements of both the temple and missionary housing facility, requiring pumps to pull the watery red mud into the storm drain system. Criss-crossing rebar over the temple foundation is standing ready for the floor slab pour.

"It is in the ordinances of the temple that we are placed under covenant to Him….[If] we will enter into our covenants without reservation or apology, the Lord will protect us. We will receive inspiration sufficient for the challenges of life."
—Boyd K. Packer

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