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Photograph of the landscaping and northeast wall of the Mormon temple in Bountiful, Utah


Webmaster: Rick Satterfield

Photograph of Rick Satterfield, Webmaster of

Welcome! Thank you for visiting this Web site devoted to information on the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While visiting you will find current news, schedules, interesting facts, and beautiful photographs of each temple of the Church.

I developed a love for and strong interest in the temples at an early age and always made temple photography the predominant decor of my bedroom. In preparation for a full-time mission, I went through the Bountiful Utah Temple on my nineteenth birthday. The next weekend, my mom and I took our own "Utah temple tour" attending sessions at seven different temples throughout the state. Ever since, I have valued any opportunity to attend a temple I have not visited before—the highlight of any vacation.

After serving a two-year mission in Puerto Rico, I returned home to my family in Pocatello, Idaho. I transferred from Idaho State University and began attending Brigham Young University in the fall of 1997. This Web site began as a computer project for one of my first classes there, and I have kept it going ever since.

After graduating from BYU with a bachelor's degree in computer science, I went on to receive a master's degree in business information systems from Utah State University. Following my education, I returned to Pocatello where I am employed as a computer analyst. Click here to send email, and enjoy your visit!

"Hundreds of thousands of faithful members participate in the unselfish service we call "temple work," which has no motive other than love and service for our fellowmen, living and dead."
—Elder Dallin H. Oaks

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