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Mormon temples, like the London England Mormon Temple, are Houses of the Lord

London England Temple


Temple presidents are called to oversee all activities performed at the temple. They serve voluntarily, usually for a period of several years. Following is a list of the current and former presidents of the London England Temple.
Temple President Years Served
President Kenneth Johnson 2013–        
President C. Raymond Lowry 2010–2013
President Michael R. Fagg 2007–2010
President Rowland E. Elvidge 2004–2007
President George H. Jones 2001–2004
President Peter L. Morley 1998–2001
President Ian D. Swanney 1996–1998
President Arthur J. Turvey 1993–1996
President Ralph Pulman 1988–1993
President Arthur H. King 1986–1988
President Joseph Hamstead Jr. 1982–1986
President Johan P. Jongkees 1979–1982
President Joseph W. Darling 1973–1979
President Dougald C. McKeown 1968–1973
President Leroy J. Buckmiller 1966–1968
President George E. England 1964–1966
President Selvoy J. Boyer 1958–1964
"To you who are worthy and able to attend the temple, I would admonish you to go often. The temple is a place where we can find peace. There we receive a renewed dedication to the gospel and a strengthened resolve to keep the commandments."
—Thomas S. Monson

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