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Lisbon Portugal Temple

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Planning and approval phase; land purchase finalized; groundbreaking not announced

Location:  Lisbon, Portugal.
Site:  24 acres.
Announcement:  2 October 2010

Construction Status

The Lisbon Portugal Temple is currently in the planning and approval phase. No groundbreaking date has been announced.

Temple Rendering

Renderings of the Portugal Lisbon Temple and site plan have not yet been publicly released.

Temple Site

On January 13, 2013, several Latter-day Saint leaders from Cape Verde, who were later joined by leaders from various stakes and districts in Portugal, were taken to see the site where the Lisbon Portugal Temple will presumably be erected. According to city records, the 21.5-acre site is situated in northern Lisbon on an elevated piece of ground across from the Paço do Lumiar Golf Club and nearby Museu Nacional do Traje and Museu Nacional do Teatro. Plans for the site include additional structures such as a meetinghouse and patron housing facility.1

On January 7, 2013, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that acquisition of land within the Lisbon city limits had been finalized for construction of the temple. A specific location for the site was not given in the news release.2

Temple Announcement

In his opening remarks of the 180th Semiannual General Conference, President Thomas S. Monson announced the construction of a temple in Lisbon, Portugal—the first to be constructed in the country.3 The Saints of Portugal, organized into 6 stakes and 4 districts, currently attend the Madrid Spain Temple, an approximately 390-mile (625-kilometer) drive from Lisbon.

Temple Facts

The Lisbon Portugal Temple will be the first temple built in Portugal.

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"Everything that occurs in the temple is uplifting and ennobling. It speaks of life here and life beyond the grave. It speaks of the importance of the individual as a child of God. It speaks of the importance of the family and the eternity of the marriage relationship."
—Gordon B. Hinckley

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