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Photograph of the northern wall of the Mormon temple in Mesa, Arizona


United States: Massachusetts

Following is a statistical profile of the state of Massachusetts, which includes a list of the temples, missions, stakes, and districts headquartered there.

Profile of Massachusetts

Number of Temples 1 Temple
Number of Missions 1 Mission
Number of Units 5 Stakes
Number of Congregations 42 Wards, 16 Branches

Temples of Massachusetts

Temple Dedicated
Boston Massachusetts Temple October 1, 2000

Missions of Massachusetts

Mission Organized
Massachusetts Boston Mission September 24, 1937

Stakes of Massachusetts

Unit Organized
Boston Massachusetts Stake May 20, 1962
Cambridge Massachusetts Stake October 18, 1998
Hingham Massachusetts Stake August 30, 1981
North Shore Massachusetts Stake November 6, 2016
Springfield Massachusetts Stake June 28, 1987
"Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up."
—John 2:19

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