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Mormon temples, like the Meridian Idaho Mormon Temple, are Houses of the Lord

Meridian Idaho Temple

Visitor Information

Meridian Idaho Temple Construction
Welcome Center

Welcome Center
The welcome center provides an opportunity for the public to safely view the construction site and learn about temple construction and why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints builds temples. The welcome center contains demonstrations of the processes that are currently being used in the construction and presents a video which shows the updated progress. Also, a viewing area is provided to watch the construction. Visitors are never allowed to pass beyond the construction site fence.

Temple Construction Missionary couples, Elder Gregory and Sister Michele Peck and Elder Keith and Sister Mary Ann Miller, operate the welcome center during the daily hours shown below.

The welcome center is located inside the northeast foyer of the new Stake Center on the construction site. A visitor parking lot is located north of the Stake Center just outside of the main site gate. The capacity of the lot is limited, so car-pooling is encouraged. See the picture below. DO NOT ENTER THE CONSTRUCTION SITE!

ATTENTION:  Construction situations may require temporary closures of the welcome center. See “EXCEPTIONS” below for emergent changes to the schedule or call 208-884-1918.

Welcome Center Hours
Daily Hours  (No appointments needed)
Monday through Friday9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Note:  If you come during these daily hours and no one is in the trailer, please call 208-884-1918 and a missionary will come to help you. If the missionaries cannot be on-site during some of the Daily Hours, these exceptions will be posted below.

Other Visits:  The welcome center is available at other times and days for reserved visits by families, groups, etc. by appointment. Please call 208-884-1918 for reservations.

7345 North Linder Road, Meridian, Idaho  83646

Visitors can stop by the site at any time parking is available and view the construction. A covered viewing platform is located inside the visitor parking area. Access past the site fence is NEVER allowed.

Our parking is very limited and is only available in the VISITOR parking area. Please do not park in adjacent neighborhoods, in front of site main gates, on the street, or the right of way. Please car-pool for groups and be prepared to return at another time if the parking area is full.

Service Opportunities
Anyone wishing to provide service for the Temple Construction is invited to do so in two ways—First: Everyone is asked to pray for the welfare of the crew members and their families. Second: Arrangements have been made to provide either treats or lunches for the crew. For more details about this service opportunity, please call the missionaries at the number below. Please leave a message if there is no answer.

Missionary Contact Number
"I am deeply interested in this work. I am anxious to encourage the people to press on in securing their genealogies and after doing so in laboring in our temples."
—Heber J. Grant

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