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Mormon temples, like the Manti Utah Mormon Temple, are Houses of the Lord

Manti Utah Temple

Temple District Chronological

Congregations are organized into stakes, districts, and branches, which belong to a temple district. Following are the stakes belonging to the Manti Utah Temple District listed in order of creation.
The Manti Utah Temple serves members from 22 stakes headquartered in Central Utah:

Fillmore Utah Stake March 9, 1869
Richfield Utah Stake May 24, 1874
Castle Dale Utah Stake August 1, 1880
Manti Utah Temple Dedicated May 21, 1888
Loa Utah Stake May 27, 1893
Manti Utah Stake December 9, 1900
Mount Pleasant Utah Stake December 9, 1900
Price Utah Stake May 8, 1910
Monroe Utah Stake January 30, 1921
Salina Utah Stake January 30, 1921
Gunnison Utah Stake May 6, 1923
Moroni Utah Stake June 16, 1929
Price Utah North Stake June 24, 1945
Richfield Utah East Stake June 12, 1977
Huntington Utah Stake October 23, 1977
Helper Utah Stake August 29, 1980
Wellington Utah Stake October 12, 1980
Ferron Utah Stake April 11, 1982
Ephraim Utah Stake March 24, 1985
Ephraim Utah YSA 1st Stake March 24, 1985
Ephraim Utah YSA 2nd Stake April 28, 1996
Price Utah YSA Stake October 13, 1996
Mount Pleasant Utah North Stake March 16, 1997
"For thou knowest that we have done this work through great tribulation; and out of our poverty we have given of our substance to build a house to thy name, that the Son of Man might have a place to manifest himself to his people."
—D&C 109:5

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