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Mormon temples, like the Chicago Illinois Mormon Temple, are Houses of the Lord

Chicago Illinois Temple

Temple District Chronological

Congregations are organized into stakes, districts, and branches, which belong to a temple district. Following are the stakes belonging to the Chicago Illinois Temple District listed in order of creation.
The Chicago Illinois Temple serves members from 17 stakes headquartered in Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, Southwestern Michigan, and Wisconsin:

Wilmette Illinois Stake November 29, 1936
Fort Wayne Indiana Stake March 4, 1962
Milwaukee Wisconsin South Stake February 3, 1963
Naperville Illinois Stake February 3, 1963
Madison Wisconsin Stake August 24, 1973
Valparaiso Indiana Stake June 2, 1974
South Bend Indiana Stake October 30, 1977
Kalamazoo Michigan Stake December 9, 1979
Schaumburg Illinois Stake January 20, 1980
Rockford Illinois Stake April 11, 1982
Lafayette Indiana Stake May 15, 1983
Chicago Illinois Temple Dedicated August 9, 1985
Appleton Wisconsin Stake May 11, 1986
Buffalo Grove Illinois Stake January 24, 1988
Joliet Illinois Stake October 22, 1995
Green Bay Wisconsin Stake March 23, 1997
Chicago Illinois Stake January 25, 1998
Milwaukee Wisconsin North Stake April 14, 2002
"When you come to the temple you will love your family with a deeper love than you have ever felt before. The temple is about families."
—Richard H. Winkel

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